Monday, June 22, 2015

Coming Soon - My First Novel - Between Heartbeats

Synopsis of my novel to be released summer of 2015. Stay tuned for more!

Can life change between heartbeats? Diana awakens on her seventeenth birthday in a joyful mood. But at breakfast she is told, during a heated argument with her mother, that the man she has loved as her father is not her father at all. Diana decides to unravel the mystery of her childhood and the reason for their secrets and travels across the country to visit her step-father. And so, Diana begins a journey where she discovers shocking truths hidden just beneath the surface. To further complicate her summer, she meets Kevin Wright, a college junior. When Kevin vanishes without a trace, Diana learns family is more than shared DNA and discovers who will help her when it appears all hope is gone. In Donelle Knudsen's Young Adult novel, Between Heartbeats, a young woman's quest to find her roots enables her to discover love and the power of forgiveness.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My "Between Heartbeats" Release Party is a virtual online event to be held on the event page link below. It begins August 1 at 6:00 am PDT, 9:00 am EDT, but if that's too early, you can log in a little later. Pour a cup of coffee and sit comfortably on your couch with your iPad, phone, laptop, or at your computer. 

Join in on the fun. "Meet" me, learn more about my book, interact with other readers and writers, and enter to win prizes: free paperback copy, e-book, gift card.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Signed, Sealed, and To Be Delivered

The wait is over! After a year and a half of diligently writing, editing, and sharing my manuscript with my critique group, BETWEEN HEARTBEATS has been accepted by Booktrope publishers. 

My first book, a memoir, Through the Tunnel of Love, A Mother's and Daughter's Journey with Anorexia, was released April 2011. I must say, the feeling is as good, if not better the second time around.

I "found" Booktrope through Write on the River's writers' conference hosted in Wenatchee, WA just one year ago. I can't say the year has flown by, but I'm positive the next few weeks will as I have so many things to accomplish to get my project out the door.

You may keep up with the latest on my Twitter account: @donelleknudsen or my Author Facebook page:

Have a wonderful week and don't set boundaries for yourselves.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Always a New Day

Even when the sun isn't shining and a storm appears on the horizon, it's a new day every morning. It's a day filled with possibilities, opportunities, and "start-overs." Life has a way of throwing us off course, and the challenge is to take a hold of the steering wheel and get back on the road. 

My source of strength comes from my faith, family, friends, and writing. I recently submitted my manuscript, Between Heartbeats, to an interested publisher and as I wait for a response, I'm writing the sequel.

I love to write. When I sit at my laptop, the words flow like a mountain stream with each tap of my fingers. Are the words perfect? Do they express my thoughts completely, without fault? No, but writing is a form of therapy that is readily available, non-judgmental, drug-free, and I see the fruits of my work instantly.

So, my thought for the day is to find your vehicle which will keep you on course, and even if the ride is a little bumpy, at the end of the day all will be well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Between Heartbeats"

Two years ago I pitched my idea for a Young Adult novel, Between Heartbeats, while attending Write On The River writers' conference in Wenatchee, WA. The agent's response was encouraging and helpful, and so the journey began. Fast-forward to one year ago at the same conference when I seriously pitched my novel to a representative from a publishing house. Again, not only was the individual encouraging, but she asked me to submit the entire manuscript upon completion.

Here I am today, April 8, 2015 with a completed novel under my belt. The process has not been easy, but with diligence and with the help of my critique group, family, and my beta-reader, I sent it off to the publisher a couple of hours ago. Now the wait. Will they like it? Will they want to publish it? Time will tell.

How do I feel? It feels similar to when I sent my kids off to school on their very first day. I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride and hoped they were as ready for the next step in their journey as I was. 

Whatever happens next, I can say, I DID IT. The goal was set and the book is finished. What next? I'm already working on the sequel.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Spring! I love this time of new beginnings: the awakening of the earth after a long winter, soft and vibrant colors and fragrances that tickle our senses, and the promise of warmer temperatures.

I have made good progress on my novel and will post updates and excerpts along the way. I've joined Twitter: @donelleknudsen and my website is under construction, stay tuned. My Facebook Author page is up and running:

Please visit my new pages and posts. Leave a message or tweet so we can connect!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Change - It's good even when it hurts.

Gosh, it's been thirteen months since I've updated my blog. Briefly, it's been one heck of a year. But I'm back on track and anticipate the coming year with the growth, challenges, and surprises it will bring. Our family dynamics have changed with the maturing of our three grandsons, and I am grateful for the love and joy they bring to our lives.

My writing has changed direction a bit, as I am focused on my first novel, as well as a fictional short story for an anthology which will be published sometime next year. But my first love is writing Memoir. Joining a critique group a few months ago has been challenging. It helps me see what I need to work on, throw out, and improve, but the reinforcement, encouragement, and camaraderie is invaluable. If you are a writer, I encourage you to join a writers' support group or critique group that fits your needs. We need to leave our solitary offices and meet regularly with other writers.

Have a wonderful fall and coming winter season  Talk to you soon. I promise. . .